The Complete Illustrated Children's Bible Atlas

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Help Your Child Explore the Wide World of the Bible! Based on the bestselling title, The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible (over 140,000 sold), comes this amazing atlas that will help your child, age 8-12, learn more about the people, places, and events he encounters when reading the Bible.

Packed with hundreds of colorful pictures, detailed maps, and fun facts, your child will gain a greater understanding of God’s Word and be better able to visualize what he is reading, a key component in retaining the information he is studying.

Spark your child’s interest in the Bible as he studies maps such as:

  • Jesus’ life
  • Paul’s missionary travels
  • The Babylonian Empire
  • Abraham’s journeys
  • Moses and the Exodus
The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible Atlas is a fun and creative way for your child to engage with God’s Word and makes a great companion to The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible.

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