The Churches of Christ in the 20th Century: Homer Hailey's Personal Journey of Faith (Religion & American Culture)

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Reconstructs the acrimonious battles that mark the churches of Christ evolution since their break from the Disciples of Christ a century ago. Harrell emphasizes the elements of nuance, surprise and common humanity in the movement by devoting more than half of his book to the story of one committed preacher named Homer Hailey.

Growing up in Arizona, Hailey found his faith and calling among the Disciples of Christ. But whenever confronted with a division in the movement, Hailey took the more conservative path. When the young preacher switched to the churches of Christ in the 1920's, it was in large part because he felt there was no precedent in the New Testament for the use of musical instruments in church.

Three decades later, a middle-aged Hailey cast his lot with the breakaway "non-institutional" churches of Christ after battle lines were drawn over soliciting church support for missions, colleges, and orphanages not under the direct supervision of a local congregation.

352 pages

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