The Church of the Lord


This workbook, like most of the others by the same author, is designed for young people and adults. It will make a good study for ladies' classes as well as for mixed groups. The scriptures used in the workbook come from the King James Version.

Twelve lessons with the following topics:

  • What Shall the Church and It's Members Be Called?
  • How Shall the Church of the Lord Be Built Up and Strengthened?
  • Is the Church Really Important?
  • What Are Some Weaknesses of the Church?
  • How Shall the Church Be Supported?
  • How is the Lord's Church Misrepresented?
  • What Are Some Dangers and Hindrances to the Church?
  • What Is the Mission of the Lord's Church?
  • Must the Lord's Church Be United?
  • How Shall We Restore the Church of the Lord?
  • What Is the Potential of the Lord's Church?
Includes a crossword puzzle.

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