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The Christian And Creation - A Workbook On Bible Evidences and Apologetics

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A Workbook on Bible Evidences & Apologetics

Does God exist? Is the Bible God’s Inspired Word? Is Jesus the Son of God and Savior of the World? Do we have enough information to answer these questions?
In this Bible-based workbook, John Evans uses both internal and external evidences to build our faith. There has always been plenty of proof for Christianity, but information has flourished in recent years.
This study breaks sometimes complicated material into bite-sized chunks suitable for high school through adult classes.
Topics include Darwinian evolution, genetics, Bible prophecies about specific nations, and history. Lessons such as “God’s Alphabet” explore new information in Intelligent Design. The workbook concludes with a separate study of the messianic prophecies, plus three appendices for enrichment.
One special feature of 
The Christian & Creation is the thought-provoking questions which encourage further investigation.
Truly, God’s “invisible attributes are clearly seen,” so that we are “without excuse” (Romans 1:20)

Customer Reviews

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Warren Berkley
Confirm creation truth and take people to the Savior

John Evans has published this book through One Stone Biblical Resources. It is a workbook “suitable for 45-minute classes,” but I’ll also recommend this work for anyone to read through and study.
Some workbooks on topics like this are technical, academic and therefore beyond the reach of the average reader. This book is simple, well sequenced, scriptural and with some fresh approaches and illustrations that support the theme: that life hinges on our answers to the profound questions: “How did life begin? What is our purpose? Is there life after death? Where are we going after we leave here?”
Do we know anyone who doesn’t need to discover the objective answers to these questions? Do we know any Christian who doesn’t need to be ready to give answers?
John takes us into both external and internal evidence. He states the claims and then presents the evidence (an approach as old as the bible itself and the apostle John in particular, Jno. 20:30,31).
He brings up various illustrations I had not explored as clearly as expressed in this book. In chapter five, the ant, the monarch, the woodpecker reveal the genius of divine order. And throughout the book, he keeps coming back to the fundamental: “can anyone imagine that humans are the product of a random, undirected process with no designer and no foresight?” He argues strongly against the idea of some accidental evolutionary process that somehow resulted in presently observed complexity.
His references to George Washington Carver are well suited to the theme of the book. Carver said, “I’m not interested in any science that leaves God out; in fact, I’m not interested in anything that leaves out God.”
Throughout the book, there is this emphasis: “Jesus says, ‘Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’ (Matt. 11:28). This is the most precious promise ever made, the greatest gift ever offered. Will you obey Jesus and come?”
I recommend this book for its content, the valuable illustrations and most of all, the object to affirm creation truth and take people to the Savior.