The Chivalrous Man: Chivalry and the Godly Man

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A definitive book on chivalry and the modern day man, The Chivalrous Man is filled with checklists, life stories, and teachings that show how men need to become more godly as they woo the woman in their life.

Table of Contents:

  • The "Age of Chivalry"
  • Chivalry in Today's Home
  • Chivalrous Compliments
  • Social Graces of the Chivalrous Knight
  • The Well-Dressed Knight
  • The Well-Read, Well-Traveled Knight
  • Foreplay is "24/7"
  • Having a Knight's Mentality in Everyday Things
  • Today's Knight - Warrior, Prince, Chef, and Steward
  • Flowers, Gifts, and Other Knightly Gestures
  • The "Size of a Man's Honor"
  • At Arm's Length - Beside You
  • The Knightly Chivalrous Man
  • Chivalrous Behaviors and the Bible
  • In Closing: Knightly Knowledge
  • Appendix: "Winning the Heart of the Special Lady in My Life": An Eight-Week Men's Ministry Small Group Bible Study

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