The Challenge of Commitment

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Too often Christians have the mistaken idea that commitment is about going to church every week, singing hymns, listening to a sermon, and giving a token financial contribution when the plate is passed! Commitment to Christ is more than giving thanks before we eat or daily Bible reading. Commitment goes beyond listening to "religious music" in the place of secular songs and supporting your favorite conservative candidate for political office!

Real commitment to Christ involves a change in attitude and actions. It is developing "the mind of Christ". It's about obedience, self-sacrifice, and personal involvement in the lives of pothers. It's about getting our hands dirt in service of our Savior! And if that's not enough, Jesus confidently proclaims that His way is the only way! the right way! the way to God!

The truth about Jesus is extremely unpopular today in our secular society. But it is the Truth! Maybe it's time for Christians to get radical. Not in violent revolution; but in powerful faith, passionate testimony, persistent good works, and personal commitment to Christ.

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