The Biggest Story ABC

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Introduce youngsters to the big picture of the Bible, one letter of the alphabet at a time! Inspired by DeYoung's bestseller The Biggest Story, this illustrated book for toddlers traces the storyline of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation in one continuous narrative while teaching them their ABCs.

From Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden to Zion and the new creation, the Bible is telling one big story—the story of God's promise to deliver his people. Kevin DeYoung has written a new board book to help kids ages 1 to 3 to make connections from Genesis to Revelation and make connections from A to Z. Each page introduces a new letter of the alphabet with engaging and whimsical illustrations from award-winning artist Don Clark, retelling the biblical narrative in one continuous story. This board book is a fun way for parents to introduce their small children to the big story of the Bible.

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