The Big If


These lessons on The Big If are written with the hope that they will make the reader more aware of the power of the little word. "if." The scriptures used come from the King James Version.

Fourteen lessons dealing with the word "if," as follows;

  • You Are Happy If You Know and Do
  • You Will Not Fall If Ye Do These Things
  • You Are Jesus' Disciples If You Continue in His Word
  • You Will Reap If You Faint Not
  • You Can Be Saved If You Keep in Memory the Truth You Have Heard Preached
  • You Are Jesus' Friends If You Do Whatsoever He Commands
  • You Can Be Forgiven If You Forgive
  • If You Are Not Active, You Will Die
  • If You Regard Iniquity in Your Heart, the Lord Will Not Hear You
  • You Can Deceive Yourself If You Think Too Highly of Yourself
  • If Any Man Preaches False Doctrine, Don't Believe It
  • If You Bite and Devour One Another, You Will Consume One Another
  • If God Is For You, Who Can Be Against You?
Includes a crossword puzzle

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