The Bible Story and Sixty-Five Years of Telling It

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Set of sermons preached by Hershel Patton along with additional material that shows history of the Lord's church during the greater part of the twentieth century.

From the Preface:

"Sixty Five Years of Preaching the Gospel" is a sermon I preached at Jordan Park in 2003. This sermon was printed and published in Faith and Facts Quarterly (July 23, Volume 31, Number 3), originally edited by Robert Welch and now by his son John. I am making this sermon, with some additional material, a part of this book because it is a history of the Lord's Church during the greater part of the twentieth century.

"The Bible Story" is two sermons I preached at the Jordan Park Church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama, on Sunday morning and night in the year 2004. I was helped in preparing these lessons by reading Milligan's "Scheme of Redemption", and Home Hailey's "From Creation to the Day of Eternity". Ferrell Jenkin's book,

"The Theme of the Bible" helped me keep events in proper sequence. Bible quotations in these two sermons are from the New King James Version. My thanks to Benjie Norris for proof-reading, scanning, and placing on computer disk the manuscript for this book. I also thank my boys, who are very computer wise, for their contribution in finalizing the manuscript. -Herschel E. Patton

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