That They All May Be One: Studies in Unity, Freedom and Authority in the Body of Christ

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Walton Weaver presents a good examination of the biblical doctrines of unity and fellowship with a special section which reviews "Free In Christ" by Cecil Hook. L.A. Stauffer writes in the Foreword to the book: Walton Weaver has rendered a service to the present generation in the work that is now before us.

That They All May Be One is at once a history of restoration thought, a study of hermeneutics, a biblical exposition of pertinent passages that deal with both unity and fellowship, and a review of distortions of plain Bible teaching. It, I must warn, is a book to be studied, not merely read. We commend the author for tackling what he himself admits are tough topics. He makes no pretense of simplicity, but acknowledges that these issues are difficult though understandable.

This book, if both read and studied, will educate serious Bible students and prepare leaders to convict the gainsayers and to protect God's flock from grievous wolves that parade among them in sheep's clothing.

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