Surveying the Evidence

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Despite what critics of Christianity might say, it makes sense to be a follower of Christ. The Christian religion, at its core, is based upon solid facts and inescapable truths.

In Surveying the Evidence, you will learn of the evidence for God and Creation that refutes atheism and evolution. You will study many facts that under-gird the Bible’s inspiration, uniqueness, and reliability. You will discover the evidence for the historicity and deity of Christ, and learn of God’s great plan to save man.

Whether you are a non-Christian in search of the Truth or a Christian preparing yourself to teach others the facts that set Christianity apart from all other religions, Surveying the Evidence will be a valuable study and good for individual study or for adult Bible classes.

13 lessons with discussion questions, 198 pages.

Authored by Wayne Jackson, Eric Lyons, and Kyle Butt

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