Some Things We Ought To Do

by Conchin

The benefit of a fill-in-the-blank workbook is that the student must actually read each passage before knowing just what to write, and that in itself acquaints the user with the Word of God. We need to know exactly what the Word says. Those who use this workbook will need a King James Version.

Thirteen lessons dealing with things we should do:

  • Know How to Answer Every Questioner
  • Give the More Earnest Heed to What We Have Heard
  • Speak the Truth With Boldness
  • Know How to Conduct Ourselves in God's House
  • Be Teachers of the Word
  • Bear the Infirmities of the Weak
  • Walk As Christ Walked
  • Think Soberly
  • Obey God Rather Than Man
  • Pray Always
  • Do Nothing Rashly
  • Remember the Words of Jesus
  • Consider Things Both Great and Small

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