Some Things To Consider

by Conchin

This workbook, like all those written before it, may be used in private studies, group studies in the home, or in classes in private schools and churches. Since the information needed is found in the scripture references given, there should be no need for an answer book.

As is true of all previous publications by this author, the King James Version of the Bible has been used. Because there are blanks to be filled, any other version would not have the correct number of spaces and would therefore cause confusion to the student.

Lessons Include:

  • “Consider What Great Things He Hath Done for You”
  • Consider One Another
  • Consider Yourself (1)
  • Consider Yourself (2)
  • Consider the Apostle and High Priest of Our Profession
  • Consider the Heavens
  • Consider Christ, Who Endured the Contradiction of Sinners Against Himself
  • Consider Your Ways
  • Consider the End of Your and Their Conversation
  • “Have You Considered My Servant Job?”
  • Consider Those Who Are Less Fortunate
  • Consider Your Abilities, Your Opportunities, Your Responsibilities, and Your Destiny
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