Some Problems You May Have to Face

by Conchin

This workbook is designed to help us face some of the problems which are common to most people. Since there are some blanks to fill in, it would be less confusing if everyone used the same translation, which, in this workbook, is the King James Version. Other translations will lead to problems since they will not have the same number of words, even though their meaning may be just as clear.

You will be able to add many points to the lessons given as you think of your own experiences in life. Such an addition should make the study interesting and helpful.

Twelve lessons on the following topics:

  • The Problem of Daily Vexation by the Wicked
  • The Problem of Suffering
  • The Problem of Dealing with Anger
  • The Problem of Aging
  • Dealing with the "Empty Chair"
  • Dealing with One's Own Self (Part 1)
  • Dealing with One's Own Self (Part 2)
  • Keeping the Church Sound and Free of Error
  • Dealing with the Broken Home (Part 1)
  • Dealing with the Broken Home (Part 2)
  • The Problem of Growth and Personal Development
  • Letting the Little "Birdies" Leave the Nest

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