Sins of the Tongue

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13 lesson workbook discussing the sinful use of the tongue. . . . . excellent for adults and teens

  • The Power of the Tongue, by Dan King
  • Lying, Bearing False Witness & False Swearing, by Bobby Witherington
  • Slander, by Mark Mayberry
  • Cursing, by Joe Price
  • Whispering and Backbiting, by Brett Hogland
  • Railing and Clamor, by Kevin Maxey
  • Murmuring and Complaining, by Steve Mont
  • The Slippery Slope of Flattery, by David Halbrook
  • Caustic Speech & Words That Stir Wrath, by David Dann
  • Boastings and Swellings, by Harold Fite
  • Blasphemy, by John Isaac Edwards
  • Filthy Speech, by Tom O'Neal
  • Sinful Silence, by Andy Alexander

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