Sins of the Tongue

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13 lesson workbook discussing the sinful use of the tongue. . . . . excellent for adults and teens 1) The Power of the Tongue, by Dan King 2) Lying, Bearing False Witness, & False Swearing, by Bobby Witherington 3) Slander, by Mark Mayberry 4) Cursing, by Joe Price 5) Whispering and Backbiting, by Brett Hogland 6) Railing and Clamor, by Kevin Maxey 7) Murmuring and Complaining, by Steve Mont 8) The Slippery Slope of Flattery, by David Halbrook 9) Caustic Speech & Words That Stir Wrath, by David Dann 10) Boastings and Swellings, by Harold Fite 11)Blasphemy, by John Isaac Edwards 12) Filthy Speech, by Tom O'Neal 13) Sinful Silence, by Andy Alexander