Simply Christians - New Testament Christianity in the 21st Century

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"The September 18, 2002, New York Times reported on the growth rate of religious groups in the U.S. with one million or more adherents. Many were surprised to learn that the second-fastest-growing religious group in America over the past 10 years was the fellowship of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.

Between 1990 and 2000, these churches increased by 18.6 percent. This fact should not have been surprising. The goal of these churches resonates with many people." -Sam Stone, Simply Christians, evaluates the impact of the "4-C's" and answers two questions: Who are these people? What do they believe?

This book will be helpful to at least three groups of people:

  • Those who have never heard of the "Restoration Movement." This fast-growing, 19th-century effort sought to unite believers and evangelize the world by teaching and practicing the Christianity of the New Testament. The book introduces readers to Christian Churches and Churches of Christ which continue to share this vision.
  • Those who know little about this fellowship of churches, but want to learn more.
  • Those who want an up-to-date look at the most recent available facts and figures, along with a review of the basic principles of the Restoration Movement."
Simply Christians has 9 chapters and 96 pages.

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