Sex & the New You: For Boys Ages 12-14 - Learning About Sex Series

SKU 19099 Boys Ed.

This book, the fourth in the newly revised Learning About Sex series for boys, helps young men ages 12 to 14 build confidence as they continue to mature not only physically, but also emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Sex & the New You will answer young men’s questions in a simple and accurate way, reminding them that they can trust in God’s perfect plans for their lives.

About the Learning About Sex Series: An honest, Christian approach to the body, relationships, and sex. This series teaches preschoolers through adults about God’s great gifts to us as males and females and how we are uniquely made to love Him and serve others. The parent guide, How to Talk Confidently with Your Child about Sex, takes you through all the stages of your child’s development to assist you in providing biological facts; establishing behaviors, values, and attitudes of a growing Christian; and affirming the love and forgiveness of Jesus for each of us.

Revisions include:

  • Completely new, contemporary images; now in full-color
  • More in-depth discussion of gender questions
  • Addition of “critical thinking” questions at the end of each chapter for review and life-application
  • Updated information about contemporary challenges adolescents confront socially and digitally
  • Now includes discussion of hooking up and sexting
  • Even more emphasis on respecting your own body and others’
  • Stronger language regarding the blessing of marriage
  • More emphasis on God’s perfect plans for the teen’s life/future
  • Strongly affirms Jesus’ love for us and that He is our Savior

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