Seeds of Love: Sowing in the Spirit's Garden

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The Goal of Our Growth

This is the first in a series of nine volumes dedicated to sowing the seeds of the Spirit in the Spirits field. Each volume of this series, "Sowing in the Spirit's Garden," will be dedicated to uncovering the seeds we must plant for the Spirit to grow mature fruit in us that we may reap eternal life from the Spirit.


  • Sowing in the Spirit's Garden
  • The Fruit of Love
  • 1. Sowing Patience
  • 2. Sowing Kindness
  • 3. Sowing Contentment
  • 4. Sowing Honor
  • 5. Sowing Humility
  • 6. Sowing Decency
  • 7. Sowing Preference
  • 8. Sowing Restraint
  • 9. Sowing a Clean Slate
  • 10. Sowing Discipline
  • 11. Sowing Trust
  • 12. Sowing Support
  • Love Never Ends

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