Seasoned with Salt: The Art of Public Speaking

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How the Art of Public Speaking Can Sharpen Your Message and Extend Your Reach

Effective sermons and Bible talks require both knowledge of the Scriptures and the skill to communicate the message clearly. Seasoned with Salt teaches how to develop this communication skill by utilizing the three building blocks of public speaking: content, organization, and delivery. Topics addressed in this book include the character of the speaker, the selection of a topic, the process of persuasion, organizational patterns, introductions, verbal delivery and language, nonverbal delivery, and PowerPoint etiquette. This book is for both beginning speakers who want to learn the basics of presentational speaking and experienced speakers who would like to season their skills. The authors draw from their experiences as gospel preachers, collegiate speech teachers, and speech competitors to explain the principles and the practice of seasoned speech. Dr. Warner brings 50 years of classroom instruction and speech coaching to this book while Dr. Cummings infuses timeless Biblical principles with the latest communication theory.

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