Saving The Erring, The Church, Our Families, Ourselves: A Study Of Church Discipline - Downloadable Congregational Use PDF

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About Saving The Erring, The Church, Our Families, Ourselves: A Study Of Church Disciplines   Church discipline, or withdrawing fellowship, is a part of God’s plan regarding the salvation of erring Christians. God’s Word contains commands and examples regarding church discipline. As with God’s will concerning any subject, our salvation and the salvation of the erring depends on our obedience to God’s instructions. Applying God’s will may affect our relationship with our loved ones, our brethren in Christ, and even our own family. Therefore, church discipline is a sensitive issue to discuss and practice.

  • Should God’s will be ignored?
  • Should church discipline not be practiced?
  • Should God’s instructions not be taught?
  • Should responsibilities to restore the erring be abandoned? 

This workbook guides us through a study of saving ourselves by obeying God’s commands to unfaithful Christians. These thirteen lessons discuss the principles of church discipline in the Word of God as well as New Testament examples of churches instructed to practice discipline.

Some lessons examine the responsibilities regarding withdrawing fellowship from the erring. The author also uses his personal experiences to discuss questions and objections some have to practicing church discipline. You will find this a thorough study of the subject whether using this workbook for personal study or for class study.

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