Salvation Series - Abeka Flash-A-Card

by Abeka
SKU 32035

The beautiful, full-color artwork of the Flash-a-Card Bible lessons captivate children and helps make the Bible real to them for years to come. Flash-a-Card allows the Bible to be presented in a way that appeals to the hearts as well as the minds of your children. The helpful lesson guides provided with each set help you weave doctrinal truths and applications throughout the narratives.

Cards are 12" x 15.5" beautiful, full-color illustrated Bible lessons that make the Bible come alive for children. The Bible lessons clearly explain God’s wonderful plan of salvation.

Lessons included are:

  • Heaven—A Beautiful Home
  • Adam—How Sin Began
  • The Crucifixion of Christ
  • The Resurrection of Christ
  • How to Grow Spiritually
36 pictures; Lesson Guide

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