Sacred Selections Hymnal - Spiral Bound Edition

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Sacred Selections has been widely used for decades throughout the US and several other countries. Sacred Selections presents a large selection of songs composed by members of the body of Christ, several of which have appeared in no other book. These songs were selected on the basis of merit. It is believed that all Christians can sing these sacred selections without offense of conscience or violation of New Testament teaching.

There are a total of 671 songs in this collection. The wide variety of songs embraces psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs of every type. Contains both old familiar and newer songs. Special care was taken in selecting songs, and even songs considered “fillers” are selected favorites.

Some titles:

  • A Beautiful Prayer
  • Kneel At The Cross
  • Paradise Valley
  • When The Saved Get To Heaven.

Maroon Spiral-bound - 671 songs

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