Review of the Divorced and Remarried Who Would Come to God

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A Review of Homer Hailey's The Divorced & Remarried Who Would Come To God

Does God require those who were married, divorced, and remarried while in the world, and who would obey the gospel, to separate after they become Christians, or does He accept their marriage as lawful? The author believes that He accepts them, and this book will show the reasons why. The focus of Hailey's argument is on a careful distinction between law; and the law, and a clear understanding of the relationship of universal moral law to covenant law and civil law.

When first faced with this difficult question many years ago, the author wondered, "Lord, why did you not say more on this subject?" After much study Hailey came to understand that He had said all that He considered necessary. In our own search for truth, therefore, we must not only consider what was said, but give equal care to what was not said. For, in all fairness to His revealed word, we cannot legislate where God did not.

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