Reign of David and Solomon (Junior 2:2)


Discovering God's Way - Reign of David and Solomon Workbook Grades 4-6 Junior Year 2, Book 2

The Reign of David and Solomon traces the character and rule of these two great kings of Israel. Woven into this study are some of the Psalms written by David and wise sayings found in Proverbs written by Solomon.

Contents include:

  • David Becomes King
  • The Ark is Returned to Jerusalem
  • David Takes Another Man's Wife
  • Absalom Plots Against David
  • David Returns to Jerusalem
  • The Last Years of David's Reign
  • David's Final Days
  • More Psalms of David
  • Solomon Becomes Israel's Next King
  • The Glorious Reign of King Solomon
  • The Declining Years of King Solomon
  • The Wise Teachings of King Solomon

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