Primary Student Pages Unit 4 Lessons 365-390

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How to Use Primary Student Pages from Bible Study Guide on Vimeo.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages Grades 1-2

Your first graders and second graders can study through the entire Bible with the Primary Student Pages.

The Primary Student Pages, along with the Primary Teacher Guide, take the teacher and students, step by step, through the lesson. Because students in the first grade and second grade differ so widely in reading level, we have created a Teacher Guide / Student Page combo that works in situations where the students barely read at all or where students read well OR in situations with a mixture of the two! Students use the Primary Student Pages to interact with the lesson as the teacher guides them through. Activities are fun, challenging and purposeful!

Note: Because of the low but widely varying reading levels of this age, the Primary level is the only level that requires a Teacher's Guide in addition to the Student Pages. The Student Page sets include 26 one-page lessons (front and back) and are lightly glue-bound on one side so you can easily tear off each page for your students. The size of each page is 8.5” x 14” (legal size).

You will need one Primary Student Pages set per student.

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