Press Play - Taking the Single Life Off Hold

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Contentment here and now? Yet another wedding invitation in the mail? Still more couples holding hands. Bluebirds' love songs falling flat on your ears? It's the single life, often punctuated by an absence of joy in anticipation of future happiness found at the end of the aisle. It's not supposed to be that way, says Patti Gordon. The time for your joy and contentment is! Her stories, from heartrending to humorous, are revealed with intimate honesty, allowing the lessons she's learned to resonate at your deepest core.

The book's four main sections will refresh your spirit and change your perspective:

  • Finding a family (God's provision when a marriage partner is nowhere in sight)
  • Finding a purpose for living (practical insights on accomplishing God's purpose for you)
  • Finding beauty in the ashes (dealing with past disappointments to embrace new beginnings)
  • Finding the lover of your soul (fulfilling your longing for intimacy with the only One who ever will).

209 pages, paperback.

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