Practical Christianity (James)

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A good commentary/workbook study of the book of James. James is the book that gets right down where we live and teaches us about basic Christian living topics--the practicality of Christian living.

Topics include:

  • Be Happy
  • The Proving Ground of Our Faith
  • How's Your Reception
  • Is Your Heart Filled with Prejudice?
  • Is Your Faith Alive and Well?
  • Danger! Tongue At Work!
  • You, Too, Can Be Wise!
  • Wars, Worldliness, and God's Will
  • Whom Are You Calling an Atheist?
  • Beware of the Dangers of Riches!
  • Give Me Patience--Right Now!
  • The Power of Prayer
  • The Need for Soul-Conversion
148 pages, paperback.

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