PowerPoint Denominations Comparison

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This ready-to-teach PowerPoint presentation gives a comparison between twelve different Christian church denominations and their beliefs about God, Jesus, scripture, baptism, “what is the church,” salvation, Lord’s Supper, and more.

Groups covered include:

  • Baptist
  • Churches of Christ
  • Anabaptist
  • Amish
  • Quakers
  • Orthodox
  • Presbyterian
  • Anglican
  • Lutheran
  • Congregational
  • Adventist
  • Pentecostal
  • Roman Catholic
  • Methodist

Includes information about the founder and number of members. A family tree shows how each denomination began. The information is from official publications of each denomination as well as directories. With more than 150 frames, there is enough information on this CD to teach for weeks. Show all twelve groups at once, or just one. You control the speed, the timing, and the order.

Note: One of the comparisons made in this chart is the Founder and Date. The information concerning the church of Christ is incorrect, though in America, the restoration movement began about the time given. The church of Christ is not a denomination and its beginning is the Day of Pentecost following the resurrection of Christ.

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