Plugged In: High Voltage Prayer (Revised)

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Accessing the Power of God Through Prayer: A Thirteen Lesson Class Book Get your prayer life on track with Edwin Crozier's revised "Plugged-In: High Voltage Prayer." You can read straight through this book or use it as a daily personal devotion guide or even in a group study. Thirteen chapters answer questions like how do you pray to the God who knows everything? Why doesn't God answer all my prayers? What is the point of praying at all? No matter where you are in your prayer life, "Plugged-In" will help you grow. The story of Steve and Sarah, a Christian couple in a spiritual rut. Learn about the power of God through prayer as you read their story and work through the challenges and questions they face as they figure out the place prayer really has in their spiritual lives. Steve and Sarah get to meet with several Christians over the course of their prayer challenge in order to learn the following lessons:
  • Lesson #1: Just Pray It
  • Lesson #2: The Power Who Hears
  • Lesson #3: Why Pray?
  • Lesson #4: To God be the Glory
  • Lesson #5: Is It Working?
  • Lesson #6: Adoration
  • Lesson #7: Confession
  • Lesson #8: Supplication
  • Lesson #9: Praying in Faith
  • Lesson #10: Candid Praying
  • Lesson #11: Surrendering to God’s Answers
  • Lesson #12: Devote Yourselves to Prayer
  • Lesson #13: Wrap-Up and Review