Parents, Wake Up!

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A Call to Activate Biblical Parenting

''Parenting is not about the children. It is about the parents. That’s why we call it parenting, not childrening. This book is not designed to spoon-feed you. You must take time to think, dig into Scripture, and make applications.'' So says J. J. Turner, author of previous wake-up books, Shepherds, Wake Up!, Deacons, Wake Up!, Preachers, Wake Up!, Christians, Wake Up!, and Seven Ways to Wreck a Marriage.

Dr. Turner’s two graduate degrees in the field of counseling more than qualify him to share solutions and preventions with parents:

  • Select one thing at a time as your goal.
  • Be a parent of the present—not the past or future
  • Avoid the regret of “I wish I had.”
  • Realize that parenting success is not tied to possessions.
  • Accept parenting as marriage’s toughest assignment.

12 Chapters.

Interactive study with thought-provoking, life-changing questions.

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