Overcoming Fear and Worry

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Do you want to stop worrying, but don't know how? Expert counselor Dr. Norm Wright provides practical advice on how to spot, face, and conquer fear in this easy-to-understand book. His down-to-earth, practical advice backed by over four decades of Christian counseling experience will help you successfully combat negative thought patterns with the Word of God and effectively maintain a positive outlook on life through prayer and positive self-talk.

Includes clear explanations and practical advice on how to stop worrying. When anxiety robs you of sleep, when worry saps your energy, and when fear captivates your thoughts, it is easy to feel helpless. But you do not have to remain a prisoner of fear, anxiety, or stress any longer.

Find out the difference between helpful and unhelpful fear. Recognize the true causes of fear and how to overcome them. Learn practical ways to break patterns and habits of anxiety and worry. Discover your source of peace, security, and freedom. See how the fear of rejection, fear of failure, and even our genetics can impact whether or not we worry about a situation. Then, discover how the Word of God, prayer, and a positive outlook can help you break that pattern of fear.

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