Overcome By Addiction: How to Help the Hurting in Your Church and Neighborhood

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Millions of Addicted People Need to Hear Christ's Message of Hope

They include fellow Christians, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, people from all walks of life, homeless, institutionalized, the list goes on. Nineteen co-authors describe how to carry this message.

  • Gain ideas from reading about their ministries to both Christians and non-Christians.
  • Find out how an addiction-recovery ministry may serve to evangelize the un-churched.
  • Learn the keys to communicating the Gospel to people from various backgrounds.
  • Discover the roots of co-dependency and why Christians often fall prey to it.
  • See how formerly addicted people may serve to help others with current addictions.
This book is an excellent resource for those wishing to minister to addicted people.

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