Out With the Old and In With the New: The Cry of the "New Hermeneutic"

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Hermeneutics is the practice of interpreting the Scriptures. Recently, some brethren have been calling for a new way to practice Bible interpretation. They claim that our present practice of Bible interpretation is based upon the faulty ideas of the Restoration Movement, but now it is time for a New Hermeneutic. According to them, we need to get rid of the old hermeneutic of commands, examples and inferences, and practice a New Hermeneutic. This book argues that we do not need a New Hermeneutic. The only hermeneutic we need today is the one practiced by Jesus, the Apostles and New Testament evangelists.

  • Part One of this book discusses certain practices that New Hermeneutic brethren want to abandon, and the Bible defense of such practices.
  • Part Two of this book reviews some of the New Hermeneutic proposals offered by some brethren, and a Bible critique of such proposals.

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