Old Testament Survey: The Minor Prophets (Word in the Heart, 9:3)


Word in the Heart Series - Year 9, Book 3

13 lesson studying through the Minor Prophets. Each lesson examines the text with commentary and questions.


  • Introduction
  • Obadiah: Pride Goes Before a Fall
  • Joel: God's Great Army
  • Jonah: Sent to Nineveh
  • Amos: A Nation in Political Decay
  • Hosea: A Nation in Spiritual Decay
  • Micah: A Nation That Would Endure
  • Zephaniah: A World Judgment
  • Nahum: A Nation Reaps As It Sows
  • Habakkuk: The Righteous Shall Live By Faith
  • Haggai: Build the Temple!
  • Zechariah: The Spiritual Temple
  • Malachi: God's Final Message to His Ancient People

48 pages. Paperback.

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