Old Testament Books Made Simple

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The letters of the word SPEAK are used to outline the discussion of each Old Testament book. S=Situation – the background of the book is set forth. A quick and easy guide to the Old Testament. Since the Old Testament is the foundation of the New Testament, understanding the OT is crucial. And with the clarity and structure of this book, everyone can find The Old Testament Books Made Simple

  • S = Special Features – this suggests a list of oddities, peculiarities, or facts that point to the uniqueness of each book.
  • P = Plan – book organization is discussed.
  • E = Eternal Purpose – the immediate and ultimate purposes for each book are set forth.
  • A = Anticipation – how does the book anticipate the coming of Christ?
  • K = Keys the key chapter, verse, phrases and words in the book are identified.
The Old Testament Books Made Simple has 236 pages and 14 chapters.

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