Noah's Ark Laminated Chart

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Here is a Noah's Ark chart that is perfect for kids and adults. It not only shows the massive ark and animals on board, it also shows the size of the ark compared to everyday objects.

Drawn to Bible measurements, this chart also gives an inside view that shows how the animals could have been housed in this three-deck floating zoo. It was home to hundreds of animals for more than a year. It was larger than a soccer or football field: about 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high (137m x 22.5m x 13.5m).

On the back of the chart:

  • Reproducible worksheets including animals to enlarge and color
  • Teaching tips
  • Scientific information about the Flood, and fascinating facts.

Great for children and adults.

Laminated chart measures 19" x 26".

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