NKJV Defending the Faith Study Bible, Maroon Duotone

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Defending the Faith Study Bible Italian Duotone Maroon

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  • Scores of special sections that cover topics such as God’s existence, Science and the Bible, God’s Justice and Hell, Defending the Bible’s Position on Prayer, Theistic Evolution, and The Bible and Slavery.
  • Beautiful, professional artwork, charts, and photographs that accentuate the biblical text and its message.
  • One of the most thorough and complete refutations of alleged Bible contradictions and discrepancies on the market today.
  • Provides a litany of positive evidences for the inspiration of the Bible, such as documented archaeological discoveries, comparisons of modern scientific findings with the biblical text, and historical evidence that validates the predictive prophecies of the Bible.
  • The New King James translation used for the biblical text is an easy-to-read English translation that lends itself to study.
  • Provides biblical answers to some of life’s most profound questions such as: Why did God create people? Why do good people suffer? How will it all end?
  • A great resource to give to those who will most likely be confronted with skeptical arguments, such as young people, those incarcerated, future church leaders and ministers, and those in increasingly secular parts of the country or the world
ISBN - 9781600631474
Dimensions: 7" x 9.5" x 2.13"
Text: Biblical-10 point font, Commentary-7 point font
No red letter text

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