MySpace, My Kids

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A Parent's Guide to Protecting Your Kids and Navigating Boasting more that 75 million users, the MySpace online community is the second most visited site on the Internet. It has become a haven for teens and young adults, a virtual hangout where friends (and strangers) share thoughts, pictures, music, video, and more.

Parents naturally wonder...

  • Should they be concerned?
  • What can they do to protect their kids?
  • Are there valuable uses for MySpace?

  • Jason Illian demonstrates that with careful use and close monitoring, MySpace can help kids facilitate relationships and help parents understand and interact with their children’s world like never before. In addition to teaching adults how to log on to MySpace and set up an account, this valuable guide explains how parents can talk with their kids about their MySpace communications, join groups, forums, and bulletin boards to keep informed, and use filters, alerts, and other technologies to track their kids’ online activities.

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