Miracles and Parables of Jesus (Primary 2:2) Teacher Manual


Discovering God's Way - Miracles and Parables of Jesus

Grades 1-3, Teacher Manual

Primary Year 2, Book 2 By Julie Smith

Miracles & Parables of Jesus examines the second year of His personal ministry on earth during which time many miracles were performed and parables that He taught are recorded. The Teacher's Manual divides each lesson into 2 parts, suitable for a Sunday/Wednesday schedule. It includes lesson goals, words to know, review questions, lesson highlights, and a list of online resources.


  • 2nd Passover in Jerusalem/Jesus Heals a Lame Man
  • Jesus is Accused of Breaking the Sabbath
  • Sermon on the Mount: Beatitudes
  • Personal Relationships
  • Good Works, Prayer & True Treasure
  • False Teachers/Build on a Rock
  • Jesus' Fame Increases as He Works Miracles
  • Miracles at the Sea of Galilee
  • He is Accused of Working by the Power of Beelzebub
  • Jesus Teaches Parables to Illustrate Truth
  • Parable of the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost Boy
  • Jesus Feeds the 5,000 and Walks on Water
  • Apostles Are Sent Out on a Limited Commission

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