Men in Combat: Against Sin and Satan

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We are all engaged in a huge battle against sin and Satan. This battle has been going on a long time, and our enemies are skilled and strong. A spiritual war is happening globally and personally, in all nations, but also in our homes, schools, churches, and hearts. The workbook was written to help you discover for yourself how you, as a man and a man of God, can withstand in the evil day, "and having done all, to stand firm".

13 lessons with questions and discussion:

  • The Mind Matters
  • Knowing Our Enemy
  • Decisions About God
  • War Strategies
  • Equipped with Truth
  • Protected By Righteousness
  • Prepared With Peace
  • Shielded By Faith
  • Secured By Salvation 1
  • Secured By Salvation 2
  • Wielding the Spirit's Sword
  • Fighting With Love
  • Equipped With Truth

This Bible Study Guide is also available as a women's study. Each guide is gender specific, tailored to the experiences and needs of men and women, respectively.

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