McGuiggan Commentary: Zechariah

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The Day of Small Things

Looking into the Bible Series

Reflections on the Book of Zechariah It was easy to see when Assyria had all the power—just look at the trail of ruined cities and butchered people they left behind. It was easy enough to see when Babylon had the power—simply look at how it [with allies] devastated Nineveh and chased Assyrian kings across the Euphrates. And in the book of Zechariah what does Yahweh appeal to as proof of his lordship? A little stone church building that even older Jews wept at and a small town that would later be built by a handful of hard-working people, sitting on top of a hill. Visibly, it was indeed a day of “small things”. That was the historical setting at its visible best—those were the facts and they say, “You can’t get away from the facts.” But then Yahweh had a way of dealing with “the facts” that one “can’t get away from.”

The study of this small book by the prophet Zechariah gives us the heavenly view of who has the power (Jehovah) and who is empowered (His faithful people). Join us in this study of "the day of small things."

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