Mary, Model of Motherhood

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Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the very ideal of all mothers in the mystery of suffering and in self-sacrificing devotion.  (R. C. Foster in Studies in the Life of Christ)

  • The fact that Mary was chosen to be the mother of God's Son is reason enough to honor her.
  • The fact that so much is revealed in scripture about her interaction with her family is an indication that her life should be studied.
  • The fact that later traditions that have multiplied regarding Mary are uninspired and unreliable makes it wise to limit the study to what the scriptures reveal.
  • The fact that motherhood is so commonly disparaged in our culture is evidence that the study should begin early before young Christians have been influenced by the world.  It is hoped that mature women as well will profit from it.
  • The fact that the subject has been neglected is another reason for exploring again what scripture says about her as a mother.  If a class study seems advisable, the book is divided into thirteen lessons with questions for discussion.
The author has been a student and teacher of the Bible for more than 75 years.  He has been greatly blessed by observing godly mothers, beginning with his own mother, then the mother of his children, her mother and many others.  May God give us more such mothers!  And to that end, may He bless this little book.

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