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Malachi 2:14: "The Lord is acting as the witness between you and the wife of your youth, because you have broken faith with her, though she is your partner, the wife of your marriage covenant."

Robert Gordon notes that a number of arguments have been proposed against the interpretation of the covenant in Malachi 2:14 as a marriage covenant. In Marriage as a Covenant, Gordon Hugenberger responds to these objections and argues very effectively for the validity of the marriage interpretation.

We shall attempt to establish, Hugenberger writes, that Malachi, along with several other biblical authors, identified marriage as a covenant and that the implications of such a theory of marriage are not contradicted by other biblical texts, even where the term 'covenant' does not happen to appear.

In this detailed study, Hugenberger provides a thorough examination of the exegetical issues involved in interpreting Malachi 2:10-16. He

  • explores the overall context of Malachi 2:10-16
  • defines the meaning of covenant in 2:14
  • determines the nature of Malachi's prohibition of divorce in 2:16
  • compares this passage against others that seem to tolerate polygyny
  • demonstrates how Malachi uses a reference to the first marriage in 2:15
  • answers objections that marriage cannot be a covenant because of the absence of an oath and an oath-sign
  • views other places in the Old Testament that recognize marriage as a covenant

    Scholars, preachers, and students will benefit from this reference volume that concentrates on Malachi 2 but also addresses the larger themes of marriage, divorce, and polygyny in the Bible.

    Marriage as a Covenant was originally published by E. J. Brill. This North American edition is part of Baker's Biblical Studies Library, which features paperback editions of scholarly monographs for scholars, students, and preachers.

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