Making Your Love Last Forever - Hardback

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"Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be." Unfortunately, many couples today call it quits early. In this three-in-one marriage handbook, Norm Wright explains the secrets of making love last forever.

Communication: Key to Your Marriage and More Communication Keys for Your Marriage help partners understand each other at new and deeper levels. Based solidly on biblical principles, these simple guidelines show couples how to reduce conflict, manage their emotions constructively, and trust each other completely.

In The Secrets of a Lasting Marriage, Wright describes how partners can do more than just get along - they can truly enjoy each other. Couples will discover how to keep intimacy burning or to re-ignite a fading love.

Whether couples are just beginning their lives together or are celebrating a golden anniversary, Norm Wright's Making Your Love Last Forever is a practical and trustworthy companion to see them on their way.

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