Living Pure Lives (Junior 3:4)


Discovering God's Way - Living Pure Lives Workbook Grades 4-6 Junior Year 3, Book 4 by David Banning

Using texts from Proverbs as a theme, thirteen lessons deal with the challenges young people face in their lives of service to God. Based on the idea of the "Highway of Holiness" (Isaiah 35:8), various scenarios are presented to make the student think and recognize the enemies to avoid in living a pure life.


  • The Highway of Holiness
  • An Enemy on the Road
  • Talkin' on the Road
  • On the Road with Mom and Dad
  • Making Friends on the Road
  • Dealing with Enemies on the Road
  • Older People on the Road
  • Protecting My Mind While I'm on the Road
  • Protecting My Body While I'm on the Road
  • Keeping My Cool While I'm on the Road
  • Laying out My Action Plan

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