Lightening Your Load: Repacking Your Bags for a Fuller Life

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I've found that I pack my life with too much stuff. My schedule is crammed with multiple to-do lists. Multitasking mania consumes me. My cabinets, closets, and garage are all full of stuff, yet I buy more. Unhealthy habits like procrastination and discontentment clutter my life. The clutter spills over into my spiritual life and crowds out God. Yet He invites us to take on a fuller life with a lighter load. Find rest for your soul in this divine paradox.


What to Pack Introduction- Packing Light?

  • Ch 1 - ENOUGH! Discovering the Upside of Downsizing
  • Ch 2 - ORDER: Managing Some Method in Our Madness
  • Ch 3 - GRACE: Putting a Face on Grace
  • Ch 4 - PATIENCE: Learning to Carry Some Wait
  • Ch 5 - RESOURCEFULNESS: Giving Back What You Have Been Given
  • Ch 6 - REST: Taking a Break So You Won't Fall Apart
  • Ch 7 - CONTENTMENT: Wanting Just What You Really Need
What to Unpack
  • Ch 8 - DEBT: Making Sense of the Dollars
  • Ch 9 - DISCOURAGEMENT: Being Lifted Out of the Pits
  • Ch 10 - PROCRASTINATION: Putting It Off for Good
  • Ch 11 - IDOLATRY: Solving the Case of the Missing God
  • Ch 12 - WORRY: Trusting God Who Is Always Up
  • Ch 13 - DISTRACTIONS: Finding Your Focus
Packing It In: Activities to Enhance Your Study

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