Letters to Young Preachers

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"To the young man who desires to preach God’s Word, this book will be of greater value than literal gold or silver. He will find herein wisdom that has been gleaned through years of experience and prayerful study of the Bible. The style of this bookwritten as letters from older preachers to young preachersis compelling. Once I began reading the manuscript I could not put it down until I had read every letter. The advice, from the first letter written by Sewell Hall, to the last written by Harold Turner, is intriguing, well-written, and right on target. Although I am an 'older preacher,' I found that the letters form wise counsel for preachers of any age."

- Robert Harkrider

Includes letters and articles from

  • Sewell Hall
  • Dan Petty
  • Wilson Adams
  • Dee Bowman
  • Jeff Wilson
  • Mark Roberts
  • Warren Berkley
  • Frank Jamerson
  • Paul Earnheart
  • Don Truex
  • Melvin Curry
  • Max Dawson
  • David Banning
  • Jon Quinn
  • Harry Pickup Jr.
  • Mike Wilson
  • Harold Hancock
  • Harold Turner

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