Leading Ladies: Willing Hearts, Willing Hands

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Refreshing ideas and simple guidelines show women divine parameters for leadership. A how-to book for ladies who want to put away complaining, worrying, and gossiping, and step into God's service.

Contains thirteen chapters with questions.


  • What Leadership Is Not!
  • Oil and Water?
  • An Age-Old Tug-of-War
  • How Full Is Your Cup?
  • A Servant in Shepherd's Clothing
  • Examine Your Excuses
  • Accentuate the Positive
  • Give Them a Target
  • Delegate
  • Don't Be Afraid to Learn
  • Pray, Pray, Don't Ever Stop Praying
  • Conflicted or Convicted: A Model of Female Leadership
  • Our Crown of Rejoicing!

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