Lambert VBS Kit - Noah's Ark Adventure

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4 or 5 day series

Noah spent over a year riding the waves of a global flood in an ark filled with eight people and thousands of animals. Along the way, he discovered that God saves those who are faithful to Him and he found out there is always a reason to be thankful. His faithful life is sure to inspire young people today to learn the same lessons. So let's take off on Noah's Ark Adventure.

Kit includes samples of Workbooks and Teacher Manuals for age levels Nursery through Teen plus an Adult Book. Kit also includes all the important samples you need to review to plan for a fun-filled VBS! Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: NOAH OBEYS GOD
    AimWhen everyone around us is doing wrong, we can stand out from the crowd and be different.
    Bible Text: Genesis 6:5-22

  • Lesson 2:  GOD SENDS A FLOOD
    Aim: We should be faithful to God and He will reward us.
    Bible Text: Genesis 7
  • Lesson 3: GOD SAVES NOAH
    Aim: We should completely trust in God and He will provide everything we need.
    Bible Text: Genesis 8:1-19
  • Lesson 4: NOAH THANKS GOD
    Aim: We should be thankful to God for all he does for us because He keeps His promises.
    Bible Text: Genesis 8:20-9:17

    This lesson (included in teacher's manuals only) can be used for an optional 5th day or in place of one of the other lessons.


  • Easy to use, station-based format includes Bible Story Station, Game Station, Craft Station, Puppet Skit Station (this material may also be used in a standard classroom setting if preferred)
  • Workbooks contain removable 4-page worksheets for use in stations (pre-school through junior)
  • Drama Skit Book for use during opening and closing assemblies
  • Perforated teacher manual so pages can be torn out and given to appropriate teachers
  • Teaching Picture Packets (includes Bible story posters for each lesson)
  • Decorating Packets (includes door signs for each station, bulletin board materials for foyer/main hall, theme banner, theme poster)
  • Theme wristbands, pencils and craft kit


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