Jesus - The Lamb Who Is A Lion-paperback

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Many religious people choose to view Jesus through the perspective that He is only a Lamb and not a lion at all. They believe in His goodness, but they don’t believe that Jesus expects anything of them. Others believe that Jesus only is a Lion, a taskmaster demanding obedience—that He cannot be a loving Savior. The truth is that Jesus is both Lamb and Lion.

This book shows that Jesus loves all men and died so they might be saved. It also demonstrates that He expects love and obedience in return for His love. Read and know the Christ as He really is.

251 pages


  • Jesus - The Lamb Who Is a Lion
  • "In the Beginning Was the Word"
  • Jesus - "The Word Became Flesh"
  • Jesus - The Son of God
  • Jesus - A Man, But More Than Just a Man
  • Jesus - The Crowning Proof of the Grace of God
  • Jesus - What His Crucifixion Tells Us
  • Jesus - King Over His Kingdom and King of Kings
  • Jesus - (Through the Apostles and the Prophets) Makes Clear to Men that Sin Wears a Mask
  • Jesus - Came to Bring a Sword
  • Jesus - And His Authority Through His Word
  • Jesus - "Ye Shall Know the Truth"
  • Jesus - Makes Men Free by His Truth (the Gospel)
  • Jesus - The Incomparable Teacher
  • Jesus - The Misrepresented Teacher
  • Jesus - And His Devastating Use of Sound Arguments
  • Jesus - Defender of the Truth and Savior of the Obedient
  • Jesus - "There Is No Middle"
  • Jesus - Our Friend in the Rime of Our Suffering, in the Face of Our Having Sinned, and of Our Facing Death
  • Jesus - Who Enables Us to See That Our Earthly Affections Are Very "Light"
  • Jesus - How He Taught Men to Pray
  • Jesus - And the Proper Laying up of Treasures
  • Jesus - Why He Does Not Want Men to Go to Hell
  • Jesus - Why He Does Want Us to Go to Heaven Our God, a Consuming Fire
  • Jesus - The Lamb Who Is a Lion (A Brief Recap)